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CHINA 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine 73583-37-6
Superior supply of 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine CAS: 73583-37-697% min
Product Name: 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine
Chinese aliases: -bromo-2-chloropyridine; 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine; 4-bromo-2-chloropyridine, 94%; 4-bromo-2-chloroarsenine; 4-bromo-2-chloropyrimidine; 4-bromo-2-chloropyridine, 2-bromo-4-bromopyridine; 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine, 4-bromo-2-chloropyridine; 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine; 2-chloro-4-bromopyridine-nbsp;
English Name: 2-Chloro-4-bromopyridine
CAS No. 73583-37-6 
Molecular formula: C5H3BrClN
Molecular weight: 192.44
Appearance: gray-white crystals
Melting point: 27 C 
Boiling point: 70 degree C/3mmHg 
Density: 1.7336 g/mL at 25 degrees C (lit.)
Refractive index: N20 / D 1.5900 (lit.)
Flash point: 225 degrees F
Content: > 97%
Purpose: Chloro-4-bromopyridine is an intermediate in organic synthesis. It is mainly used to synthesize 3-[[4-(2-methoxyphenyl) -2-pyridyl] amino]-benzosulfonamide, which is an effective CDK9 inhibitor in the treatment of midline cancer. It can also be used to prepare anti-cancer (pyrimidine amino) benzamide derivatives as hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitors.
Storage: Store in a cool place. Containers are kept tightly closed and stored in a dry and ventilated place.
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