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(1R, 3s, 5S) - 3-(3-isopropyl-5-methyl-4H-1, 2,4-triazole-4-yl) - 8-aza-biscyclic [3.2.1] octane_423165-07-5

(1R, 3s, 5S) - 3-(3-isopropyl-5-methyl-4H-1, 2,4-triazole-4-yl) - 8-aza-biscyclic [3.2.1] octane

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CHINA (1R, 3s, 5S) - 3-(3-isopropyl-5-methyl-4H-1, 2,4-triazole-4-yl) - 8-aza-biscyclic [3.2.1] octane 423165-07-5
Superior supply of (1R, 3s, 5S) - 3 - (3-isopropyl-5-methyl-4H-1, 2,4-triazole-4-yl) - 8-aza-bicyclic [3.2.1] octane CAS: 423165-07-5 99% min
Product Name: (1R, 3S, 5S) - 3 - (3-isopropyl-5-methyl-4H-1, 2,4-triazole-4-yl) - 8-aza-bicyclic [3.2.1] octane synonym: (1R, 5S) - 3 - (3-methyl-5-propyl-2-yl-1, 2,4-triazole-4-yl) - 8-aza-bicyclic [3.2.1] octane; Maraviroc No. 423165-07-5 Molecular Formula: C13H22N4MW: 234.34 EINECS Number: 1533716-785-6HS Code: 2933990099 Refund Rate: 13% UN Number: N.A Hazard Level: Non-Hazardous Goods
Specification and appearance: white or similar white powder purity (HPLC) > 99% single impurity < 1.0% total impurity < 1.0% dry weight loss < 0.5% ignition residue < 0.15%.
Application of Maraviroc Intermediate in Malawi
Packing 25kg/drum, also according to customer requirements.
Founded in 2007, our company is a high-tech pharmaceutical and pesticide chemicals company which integrates R&D, production and sales. It is dedicated to the research and development of raw materials and intermediates, fine chemicals, production and sales. Its service scope includes customized synthesis of compounds, customized synthesis of chemicals, customized synthesis of polypeptides, protein synthesis and medicine. Our company has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad with competitive prices, high-quality products, fast response, high-quality sales service, solid, steady and honest style, and the idea of providing one-stop service for customers. Since its establishment, it has established good and stable cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises. The products are exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. They have been recognized and highly praised by the market and customers, including high-pressure hydrogenation, anaerobic and anhydrous environment, and ultra-low temperature environment. Welcome new and old customers to contact us for business negotiation.
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