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Hexyl 6-chloromethacrylate_45101-66-4

Hexyl 6-chloromethacrylate

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    6-chlorohexyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate

CHINA Hexyl 6-chloromethacrylate 45101-66-4
Superior supply of hexyl 6-chloromethacrylate CAS: 45101-66-4 98% min
Product name: hexyl 6-chloromethacrylate
Chinese alias: 6-chlorohexyl methacrylate, 6-chlorohexyl methacrylate
English Name: 6-chlorohexyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate
CAS: 45101-66-4
Molecular formula: C10H17ClO2
Molecular weight: 204.69378
Appearance: Solid
Content: > 98%
Density: 1.006 + 0.06 g/cm3 (20 C 760 Torr)
Boiling point: 264.7 +23.0 (+760 Torr)
Flash point: 118.1 (+18.1)
Solubility: Very microsolubility (0.37 g/L) (25C)
Uses: pharmaceutical intermediates
Packaging type: 25kg/drum; 1kg/foil bag
Storage: Dry, dark, 0-4 C short-term (days to weeks) or - 20 C long-term (months to years)
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