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Triethyl chlorosilane_994-30-9

Triethyl chlorosilane

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CHINA Triethyl chlorosilane 994-30-9
Superior supply of Triethylchlorosilane CAS: 994-30- 99% min
Product name: Triethylchlorosilane synonym: Chlorotriethylsilane; TESCLCas No. Formula 994-30-9: C6H15ClSiMW: 150.72 EINECS Number: 213-615-6HS Code: 2931900090 Refund Rate: 13% UN Number: 2924 Risk Level: 8 Packaging Level: II Level
Specification and Appearance: Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid analysis (GC) > 99% triethyl < 0.2% hexaethyldisiloxane < 0.6%.
Applications are mainly used in the synthesis of silicone oil, silicone oil and other polysiloxanes. For gowns, leather surface treatment and protective agents, fabric surface treatment agents, cosmetics, surfactants and so on. Triethylchlorosilane is used to prepare effective methylsilylation reagents and Lewis acid catalysts. It has been shown that chlorotriethylsilane derivative ethers are more stable for hydrolysis than trimethyl ethers.
Packing 25kg/drum, also according to customer requirements.
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