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CHINA Thiophosgene 463-71-8

Product Name: Thiophosgene

Synonym: Thiocarbonyl dichloride;Dichloromethanethione;Sulphur carbon chloride;Diafenthiuron intermediate

Cas No.: 463-71-8

Formula: CCl2S

MW: 114.98

EINECS Number: 207-341-6

HS Code: 2813900090

Tax Rebate Rate: 0%

UN Number: 2474

Risk Level: 6.1

Packaging Level: I Level


Appearance: Brown-red smoking liquid

Purity(GC): >95.0%


Sulphur phosgene is a photodegradation product of Folpet, an agricultural fungicide. Sulphur phosgene is an intermediate for the preparation of acaricide butyl ether urea and an important intermediate for the preparation of thiocarbamate insecticides and herbicides. Intermediate of Diafenthiuron.

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