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CHINA Dipropachlor 93-71-0
Superiority supply of diethylpropachlor CAS: 93-71-0 99% min
Product Name: Dipropachlor
Chinese aliases: herbicide; garlic polychloride; N, N-diallyl-2-chloroacetamide;
English name: allidochlor
CAS: 93-71-0
Molecular formula: C8H12ClNO
Molecular weight: 173.64000
Appearance: Amber oily liquid
Melting point: 145C
Content: > 99%
Density: 1.042 g/cm 3
Boiling point: 241.5 C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 99.8 C
Refractive index: 1.478
Vapor pressure (kPa): 0.0 + 0.5 mmHg at 25 degree C
Uses: Herbicides for selective pre-seedling soil treatment
Packaging type: 200kg/barrel
Storage mode: 0-6 degree C warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature. It is stored and transported separately from food raw materials. Opened containers must be carefully re-sealed and kept in a vertical position to prevent leakage.
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