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CHINA Homopiperazine 505-66-8
Superior supply of high piperazine CAS: 505-66-8 99% min
Product name: piperazine
Chinese alias: 1,4-diazocyclohexane; 1,4-diazocyclohexane/1,4-diaminocyclohexane;
English Name: Homopiperazine
CAS: 505-66-8
Molecular formula: C5H12N2
Molecular weight: 100.16200
Appearance: White solid (30 C) or colorless viscous liquid (30 C and above)
Melting point: 38-40 degree C (lit.)
Content: > 99%
Density: 0.861g/cm3
Boiling point: 169 degree C (lit.)
Flash point: 148 degrees F
Refractive index: 1.4378 (estimate)
Usage: Hopiperazine is a pharmaceutical intermediate and the main raw material of fasudil. Hopiperazine is a seven-membered ring compound containing nitrogen and an important pharmaceutical intermediate. Most of its derivatives have strong biological activity and medicinal value. They can be used to synthesize hopiperazine hydrochloride, secilizine, carbamazepine, quinolone and chlorcyclazine. Western medicine uses quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives, quinolone derivatives, thiazolidine hydroxyamide derivatives modified with piperazine as raw materials, and drugs used to synthesize pyridazinamide, benzylamine derivatives containing nitroacyl group, water-soluble azoles, etc. for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, interstitial plasma cell pneumonia, especially for the interstitium of AIDS patients. Sexual plasma cell pneumonia, asthma, central nervous system diseases, including depression and anxiety, have shown good therapeutic effects. For example, 1 - (5 - isoquinoline sulfonyl) piperazine hydrochloride can effectively treat symptoms of chronic angina, vitiligo, depression, anxiety, cerebral vasospasm and cerebral ischemia caused by cerebral vasospasm. In addition, high piperazine products are widely used in antioxidants, foaming agents, cosmetics, emulsifiers, energetic materials, etc.
Packaging type: 1KG/small fluoride Bottle can be provided according to customer needs
Storage: Store in a cool place. Keep the container airtight and store in a dry and ventilated place. Hygroscopic pneumatic storage is sensitive to air.
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